Saturday, October 10 @ Musicians Institute Theater


Part of a double bill with The Thelonious Monk Institute Jazz Performance Ensemble at UCLA

MONK’estra celebrates Monk and other classic compositions, with a contemporary twist incorporating Afro-Cuban rhythms, modern jazz playing, Hip Hop and traditional big band instrumentation, along with originals by Beasley.

Some of the most mesmerizing big band music of recent memory.  Beasley’s arrangements…expanding and elaborating on the Monk originals…captured Monk’s unique quirkiness, the offbeat accents, punchy dissonances and surprisingly soaring melodies…with stunningly atmospheric ensemble textures. His obviously extraordinary orchestrating abilities, combined with superb individual soloing from virtually every musician, resulted in a definitive display of Big, Modern and Jazz Band.
Don Heckman, International Review of Music

the superb MONK’estra led by John Beasley
Gary Fukishima, LA Weekly

Beasley’s smart and engaging take on Thelonious Monk’s ingenious compositions, as well as the sheer power and creative camaraderie that flows from a big band hitting on all cylinders.”
Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

This is maybe the best new big band on the planet. It’s pure John Beasley, in that he’s taken all the Thelonious Monk compositions, rendered them new without reducing their Monkishness one iota, and the result is thrilling… this is maybe the best new big band on the planet.
Brick Wahl, former LA Weekly’s jazz writer and current Intl Review of Music critic Brick Wahl, IROM