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Parallel Four-Axle Robot

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  • Release date:2018/12/11
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Detailed introduction


● The parallel four-axle robot is free of cumulative error and provides quick speed, so it is widely applied. The robot can be applied in fields such as electronic assembly, medical device, manufacturing, processing device and food devicee.

● In food production lines such as chocolate, biscuit, and bread, the machinery production capability of the former food process is greater than that of the latter packaging process, so a diverting appliance must be installed to divert the food. In addition, the appearance and quality of the food must be leveled and sortede.

● Manually leveling or sorting good lowers the production efficiency, increases labor intensity, and fails to ensure sanitary conditions and product quality consistency, affecting the economic benefits of enterprises.



● The parallel four-axle robot adopts imported servo motor reducer to ensure stability in high-speed running.

● High-precision bearings are used in joints to ensure running flexibility.

● Provide stable and humane robotic visual contro /positioning and 0.3 scapture speed.

● The robot does the sorting and positioning work with ease. The machine is mainly made from aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

High speed / High efficiency / Smart and visual control / In support of OEM


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