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Robot Assembly Linec

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  • Release date:2018/12/11
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Detailed introduction



● It can do high speed precision movement within the range of activities, and ensure the high positioning accuracy is more suitable for the assembly of light and thin parts.

● The assembly line is equiped with the horizonal multi-joint obot, which is equiped with pneumatic vacuum components to complete the precise assembly movement.

● Equipped with precision vibration disk, it can ensure the consistency of incoming materials and reduce the error by relocating the positioning mechanism.

● The CCD visual system can be used to realize the online positioning of the product, and the CCD detects the position of the product. By comparing the image, the error of the end point is narrowed and the assembly precision is improved.

● Equipped with DTS ring conveying system, it can quickly start and precisely stop the positioning tooling on the production line to ensure the positioning accuracy of the whole line.

● Scope: plastic, hardware, electronics, toys, home appliances, mobile phones, digital, small home appliances, computers and other small parts assembly production process.

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