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Automatic Carton Shaping And Sealing Machine

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  • Release date:2018/12/13
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Detailed introduction


The machine adopts a cam continuous system to ensure machine running accuracy; and adopts a frequency inverter to control shaping and sealing. The carton opening speed can be adjusted at random. By default, the carton opening speed is 25 carton/min.



● The machine adopts horizontal carton paper storage mode,so carton paper can be fed at random without machine stop,which saves time and improves efficiency.

● The structural design of the machine enables diferent processes such as carton suctioning,opening,shaping,folding,and sealing to be completed at one time.

● The machine adopts a cam continuous system to ensure machine running accuracy.

● Shaping and sealing are controlled based on sectional-free variable speed and speed can be adjusted at random,which saves work hours.

● The machine applies to the scenario where multiple dimensions of cartons need to be opened and sealed.To change the carton specifications,manually make adjustment.

● The adjustment takes about three to five minutes.The machine boasts an automatic pre-warning function to remind users of feeding cartons.

● The machine boasts high automation:carton opening,lower cover folding,and bottom sealing are automated.Machine control is implemented by the PLC and man machine interface,which facilitates operation.The machine is an indispensible streamline device to implement automated mass production.

● With the machine,manpower can be reduced by three to five workers,consumables reduced by 5%~10%,and efficiency increased by 40%,which makes not only cost reduced and efficiency improved,but also package standardized.

Carton opening speed: 25 carton/min

Carton inventory: 80 pcs(800mm)

Carton dimensions: L:240-510 W:190-400 H:120-400mm

Power: 380V 3Φ750W

Air pressure: 5kg/cm3

Net weight of machine: 1300kg

Tape size: 48mm,60mm

Air consumption speed: 300 NL/min

Machine dimensions: L3372×W1210×H1820mm

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