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Fully Automatic Cover Folding And Sealing Machine

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  • Release date:2018/12/13
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Detailed introduction


● The machine is manufactured using intemational advanced technologies. Parts, electric elements, and pneumatic elements are imported.

● Width and height can be manually adjusted according to carton specifications.The machine is used to package products of different specifications.

● The top cover of the carton is automatically folded and the top and bottom covers of the carton are automatically stuck with tapes in a quick, smooth and good-looking way.

● The machine is easy and convenient to operate and boasts high adaptability.

● The machine is installed with a blade protection device to avoid stabbing during operation.

● The machine can be operated independently or work with an automatic packaging line.

Maximum packaging dimensions:L500mm ×W500mm×H500mm

Minimum packaging dimensions:L200mm×W150mm×H150mm

Machine dimensions:L1700mm×W880mm×H1450mm

Net weight of machine:280kg

Power:220/380V 1∮-3∮ 50-60Hz

Power consumption:240W


Conveying speed:0-20m/min


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