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How to choose a labeling machine under simple analysis?How to choose a labeling machine under simple analysis?

Release date:2018-11-28 Author:托肯印象 Click:

With the advancement of economic globalization, labeling machines play an increasingly important role in the product packaging process. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a good labeling machine? The following automatic labeling machine manufacturers make a brief introduction. 

First of all, the speed of the labeling machine: the manufacturer must decide the speed of the labeling machine according to their own requirements and the front-end production line. The comprehensive consideration can be perfectly matched to achieve true optimization, rationalization and unification. 

Secondly, the accuracy of the labeling machine: the labeling process belongs to the final packaging process of the product. The quality of the labeling is directly related to the appearance image and marketing of the product. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the label is flat and not wrinkled, and no bubble is formed. It is a symbol of quality products, otherwise it will invisibly reduce the product grade. 

Finally, the stability of the labeling machine: a good labeling machine only has a reasonable mechanical structure design, various lines are arranged in a regular manner, the components are structurally stable, and the electromechanical quality is superior to ensure that the machine operates normally under long-term high load conditions. The long-term stable operation of the machine can reduce the maintenance cost of the user, and can meet the reasonable production requirements of the user, and bring the quality assurance and the leap of production to the manufacturer. 

In the final analysis, the important factors affecting the labeling quality (speed, accuracy, stability) of the labeling machine are the control system and the motor system.

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